Our governance

As a multi academy trust (MAT) we are governed by a Board of Trustees, who fulfil the role of Company Directors and Charity Trustees as well as Governors. They oversee strategy and finance across all schools in the Trust and their main responsibilities are to:

  • Set the strategic direction of the Trust
  • Hold senior school and trust leadership to account
  • Oversee the Trust’s financial performance.

Overseeing the Trustees are our five Members. The Members are 'guardians' of the governance of the Trust. The Members role is largely 'hands off' (they meet once or twice a year) but they have some critical responsibilities, including appointing Trustees, appointing the Trust's external auditors, and approving any changes to the Trust’s articles of association, to ensure the Trust carries out its charitable objects. 

Our Trustees are supported by four Local Governing Bodies (LGBs), one for each of our four schools. Each LGB includes one or two members of staff, and at least two elected parents/carers. The LGBs act as committees of the Trust board. They provide focused monitoring, challenge and support for each school at a local level. They also have a key role in representing the views of each school's stakeholders (including parents, staff and the wider community).


The key governance documents for our trust are:

  • our articles of association (written rules about how the Trust is run, as a company)
  • our funding agreement (the DfE's operational framework for our academies)
  • our scheme of delegation (sets out key roles and responsibilities, and who has the authority to make which decisions).  

The above documents, amongst others, can be found on the Key Information page. 

All those who hold governance roles in our Trust are volunteers.  We are extremely fortunate to have the support of so many people, willingly giving up their time to help provide strategic leadership for all our schools. Our Governance Code of Conduct provides guidelines for our local Governors, Trustees and Members.