Belleville Wix Academy

Belleville Wix Academy (BWA) is located close to Clapham Common and near to the vibrant centre of Battersea.

Belleville Wix Academy has a unique bi-cultural ethos and community. It shares its site with École de Wix, a French primary school. As well as our English curriculum stream, BWA works with École de Wix to offer jointly-run bilingual classes.

Ofsted (Good, with outstanding early years provision, 2019) say the “provision for reading and mathematics is exceptionally strong” and “leaders and staff support every pupil to reach their full potential”. BWA joined the Q1E Trust in 2017 and has had a truly successful school improvement journey, benefitting from working closely with Belleville.

Wix’s Lane, Clapham Common North Side London SW4 0AJ