Churchfields Ofsted 'Good'

Ofsted judged Churchfields to be 'Good' in April 2022


The Q1E Multi-Academy Trust are very pleased to announce that Churchfields Primary School has been graded Ofsted ‘Good’ following the inspection in April 2022.  Churchfields received a Section 8 inspection, which means that the school cannot change grade, but we are very proud that the Ofsted inspector recognised all the progress the school has made since the previous inspection in 2016.


The inspector stated that “the school could be judged to be ‘Outstanding’ if we carried out a Section 5 inspection now”.  This is the best possible outcome we could have achieved and is reflective of the relentless drive for improvement, excellence and equality which is shown by all Churchfields staff, their Local Governing Body, and the wider Quality First Education Trust. The inspector has recommended that Churchfields receives the more detailed inspection within the next 12 to 24 months when we will have the opportunity to strive for an ‘Outstanding’ judgement.


The inspection looked at Maths, Early Years Reading and PE in greater depth as well as Safeguarding, SEND, behaviour, the wider curriculum, the children’s personal development and the school’s leadership. The feedback we received was very positive and the staff were pleased to hear that the excellent standards of behaviour were recognised, along with the ambition and depth of the curriculum and the strong structures of support in place for all the children.


Here are a few highlights from the report:

Leaders and teachers have high expectations for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They want all pupils to achieve well. A well-planned and organised curriculum has been produced to ensure all learners maximise their full potential.

Pupils are enthusiastic about their learning. They work hard, whether on their own or with friends. The trust’s LEARN (learners, engagement, ambition, relevance, nurture) principles are clearly embedded and seen across all lessons. They are an integral part of the school’s culture. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their learning.

Teachers also have detailed subject knowledge because of regular, high-quality, subject-specific training and coaching. Curriculum plans are detailed. They provide teachers with all the information they need to deliver their lessons effectively.

Pupils’ wider development is prioritised. Leaders want pupils to develop a deeper sense of social responsibility. A programme is in place to encourage this for all classes, from Reception to Year 6.


The Ofsted report is available here and is also available on the Ofsted website.