Who we are

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Q1E is an established, successful multi-academy trust with four south London primary schools.

Quality “The quality of a school cannot exceed the quality of its teachers” (McKinsey)
First  We put teaching first
Education  A high quality, broad and balanced provision for all children 
Trust A community built on trust, united by our aspirations

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Our key document is ‘Quality First Education on a page’. This simple graphic, above, summarises the purpose and drivers of the trust.



The aims of the trust are clear and well established. All children and adults:

  • are safe
  • are excellent learners
  • have excellent social and emotional skills
  • achieve and succeed

Quality First

Quality First Education is not only our name but our driver. We seek to provide a high quality ‘quality first education’. We are relentless in our drive for improvement, excellence and equality.

For all

We want our schools to be those “our children” attend, and parents want their children to attend. We want to provide a quality first education for all children - all of the time, in all classes, from all staff, in all subjects, with places for all who want them.

Whatever it takes

Once the quality is there for all, we seek to do ‘whatever it takes’ to allow all children to achieve and succeed / reach their potential.


The methodology we use to achieve our aims is called the Q1E Mantra. Each stage of the mantra builds upon another.

Our history 

The Quality First Education Trust was established by Belleville Primary School, a large, outstanding school in Clapham, south west London, with over 900 children on two sites.

As a designated National Support School, Teaching School and Maths Hub, Belleville has a long history of supporting and improving schools. Belleville has been an Academy Trust since 2011, converting to a Multi-Academy Trust in April 2017 with the new name of Quality First Education Trust.

Belleville Wix Academy in Clapham and The Alton Primary School in Roehampton joined the Q1E Trust in August 2017. Churchfields Primary School in Beckenham joined the Q1E Trust in November 2017. 

Simplicity from complexity

First and foremost we prioritise the quality of teaching. We want teachers to focus on their teaching! We develop clear policies and schemes, to reduce individual workload. We continually share ideas and practice, so teachers don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Our excellent central team provides support and advice that enables teachers to do what only they can do.


Learning from the best

We believe in primary schools improving primary schools, through approaches based on research and evidence. We seek to learn from the best – whether locally, nationally or internationally. We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and never complacent.