Improving teaching

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Pedagogy: noun:  the method and practice of teaching

Every adult is a teacher. Every interaction is learning. We strongly believe that “The quality of a [school] cannot exceed the quality of its teachers” (McKinsey, 2007). This is at the heart of our Trust's approach to continuous, relentless school improvement. 

Across the Q1E Trust we have built a strong, shared language of pedagogy, and we ensure high-quality training in all aspects of the curriculum. 

Read more about our approach to Improving Teaching and Learning and our investment in professional development.

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed a virtual teaching programme. We used technology to allow us to apply the improving teaching and learning techniques we have found to be successful over many years. While the pandemic created many challenges, it also created opportunities. For example, the virtual approach gave us the scope and opportunity to involve more people. You can find out more information in our Home Learning section.