Q1E Trust Recommendations

Book Name Author(s) Name(s)  Recommended
Once upon an ordinary school day Colin McNaughton &Satoshi Kitamura Q1E Trust

Something else

Kathryn Cave & Chris Riddell Q1E Trust
Good to Great Jim Collins Q1E Trust
Raising the bar and closing the gap – Whatever it takes Richard Dufour, Rebecca Dufour,
Robert Eaker & Gayle Karhanek
Q1E Trust
Seven Habits of highly effective People Stephen Covey Q1E Trust
Fierce conversations Susan Scott Q1E Trust
Reservoirs of hope Alan Flintham Q1E Trust
Built to last Jim Collins and Jerry Porras Q1E Trust
Hit the ground kneeling Stephen Cottrell Q1E Trust
How the mighty fall Jim Colllins Q1E Trust
Blink Malcolm Gladwell Q1E Trust
Visible learning John Hattie Q1E Trust
Mindset Carol Dweck Q1E Trust