Additional Maths Activities

Additional Activities

Support and challenge throughout our maths lessons encourages all children to access and enjoy their learning in the classroom. Homework gives an opportunity to further develop understanding of concepts learnt in school. Sometimes additional time or practice beyond the classroom can help children to embed important ideas or methods. The ‘trigger and build’ activities are a series of lessons that demonstrate key learning in different concepts from each year group. They allow children the chance to recap from where they are most comfortable and build up to the methods used in their current year group. Children may benefit from starting with lessons from their previous year group whilst others may profit from beginning with lessons two or three years previous and building up in a more gradual way. Class teachers can advise on the most useful starting place.

Trigger and Build: Towards formal addition

Trigger and Build: Towards formal subtraction

Trigger and Build: Towards formal multiplication

Trigger and Build: Towards formal division

Trigger and Build: Percentages

Trigger and Build: Fractions of Amounts


Useful Websites

In addition to the lessons that support understanding  in the ‘trigger and build’ series there are number of websites that offer free activities that can challenge and inspire creative thinking in maths. Many have resources for KS1 and KS2 offering a choice of activities appropriate to year group.